Hyperpigmentation refers to dark or brown spots that tend to appear in specific areas and become darker when exposed to sunlight. Women often get them as a result of hormonal changes, and they are influenced by many external and internal factors. Hyperpigmentation is challenging to get completely rid of, which is why preventive care is important if you have the tendency to develop hyperpigmentation. The best way to protect your skin from the appearance or darkening of hyperpigmented spots is to protect your skin from the sun. This can be done by avoiding spending time in direct sunshine or by using natural cosmetics that work as a physical sunscreen, reflecting UV rays. Jolie’s range also includes other natural SPF skin cream and make-up products that can help protect your skin.

Skincare products for hyperpigmented skin

When treating hyperpigmentation, it is important to favour brightening or lightening products and to choose products that suit your skin type. Natural cosmetics offer safe options for lightening hyperpigmentation – for example very effective vegetable oils and fruit acids.  We recommend a brightening oily serum a night. The vegetable oils included in these products encourages the skin to renew itself, so your skin stays elastic and soft. With regular use, they can also help lighten the darker areas on your skin. A lighter, brightening serum is a good option for the mornings.

For hyperpigmentation prone skin, Jolie’s range also includes complete brightening product lines that you can use periodically. Examples of high-quality products that are very skin-friendly include the Ila Spa Glowing Radiance line, the Amala Brightening products or the Uma Ultimate Brightening line.

Powerful hyperpigmentation reducing products for targeted use include, for example, the Odacité Pa+G Hyperpigmentation Serum Concentrate (Papaya + Geranium) and Pai Rosehip Oil. Odacité’s booster concentrate is meant to be added as drops into the moisturizer that belongs in the same product line. Patyka Dark Spot Correcting Serum is developed especially for the uneven skin tone and it helps to fade away dark spots and to achieve more even and luminous complexion.

We also recommend using specifically designed brightening products that lightly peel the skin, lightening the hyperpigmentation. Excellent options for this purpose include Kypris Moonlight Catalyst or the NUORI Supreme-C Treatment. Hyperpigmentation precision treatments work best when used periodically. Thorough moisturization is important whether you are using them or not. When using brightening products, make sure to not use too many strong exfoliating or skin-renewing products at the same time.

Other skincare tips for hyperpigmented skin

Cosmetologist visits can boost the effects of home skincare. The professionals have special products, such as masks and exfoliation treatments, that can be used on especially challenging pigment spots. Avoiding sunlight is the best way to reduce the appearance and darkening of hyperpigmentation.