Dry skin needs both fats and moisture. It is missing either one or both. In treating dry skin, it is important to give the skin the correct ratio of fatty acids and liquid moisture. You should protect dry skin’s own defences through sufficiently gentle cleansing to avoid the skin losing its natural balance. The wrong kind of care and the wrong choice of care products could cause dryness or make existing dryness worse. 

Skin care products for dry skin

Cleansing milks, oils and creams are best suited for cleansing dry skin. They can be used without any tap water, which dries skin out, when you use a damp facecloth as part of your cleansing routine. Your skin can easily get the moisture it needs from a moisturizing toner. You should use toner in the morning and evening, and you can also apply it in layers to the skin, allowing it to dry between layers. Caring toner or micellar water can also be used for a fresh start to the day. Dry skin doesn’t need any other morning cleansing routine.

To care for dry skin, we recommend you use at least one moisturising cream, water based hydrating serum and face oil. In the mornings, after your toner, apply as moisturising a moisturising serum as possible, and, on top of it, the moisturising facial cream you’ve chosen based on your dryness level. In the evenings, after your toner, first use a serum, then a few drops of face oil, and then, on top, a cream, preferably one designed as a night cream to restore and repair the structure of the skin after the stress of the day.

For the eye area, you should choose a cream product with enough nutrients to use in the mornings and evenings. It’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin about every one and a half weeks using a facial scrub with small particles to remove dead skin cells from the surface and make your skin more receptive to care products. We recommend using a moisturising cream mask, at the very last after your facial scrub. You can leave most moisturising masks on overnight to take effect. For effective treatment of extremely dry skin, you can use a moisturising mask instead of a night cream a few times a week.

Products for dry skin

Other care tips for dry skin 

Dry skin may have a thinner structure than normal skin, meaning it should be well-protected outdoors, particularly in harsh weather conditions. In hard frosts, water-free protective creams suit skin best. Natural cosmetics products do not always contain water, which makes powerful protection of the skin from the cold easier.

Natural cosmetics are very effective on dry skin, as they do not use unnecessary fillers and they contain the plant oils and extracts that really nourish the skin. Internal moisturisation is also key, and your diet should include plenty of sources of good fatty acids, such as avocados, nuts and high-quality, cold-pressed vegetable oils. And of course, you shouldn’t forget the importance of drinking enough water.

If you have dry skin, we recommend you visit a cosmetologist regularly, preferably once a month or month and a half. When you visit your cosmetologist, your skin can absorb plenty of moisture in the form of caring liquids, powerful serums and oils. A facial massage will help the care products absorb into the skin quicker, and your skin will be brighter. In addition, your cosmetologist can help you choose the products to use at home that suit your skin best based on its condition at the time.

Products for dry skin

Product picks

The best solution for caring for dry skin is to look for specialised product ranges, so all the products, starting with cleansing, are designed for the special needs of dry skin. For example, the Hydrating range from Amala gives immediate relief to dry skin. You should choose the mildest option possible as your cleansing products, such as a cleansing oil and/or milk or emulsion. In Fiore offers options that are powerful and luxurious, yet gentle. When choosing care products, you should aim to combine more water-consistency moisture with nourishing, oilier products. Special care toners such as Patyka Essential Lifting Lotion  and Whamisa’s Deep Rich Toner are suitable for water moisturising. In addition, we recommend a moisturising serum – our bestselling one is Absolution Anti-Soif.

In a cold and windy climate your moisturising cream should be protective, even a bit on the heavy side, to ensure that the consistency defends your skin and locks in the moisture. Because of their full-bodied consistency, the Ila Spa toners are particularly good for dry skin. Another big favourite of our clients is the powerfully moisturising Creme Riche from Absolution.

For round the eyes, you should choose a moisturising cream suitable for the skin’s age, preferably one with a cream-like consistency than gel-like. Some good choices include NUORI Vital Eye Cream, Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream or the Patyka Youthful Lift Eye Cream.

To care for dry skin we also recommend an oil-consistency serum, at least in the evenings. Check out the luxurious and gorgeous 1000 Roses Beauty Elixir from Kypris, for example. We also recommend that people with dry skin use a high-quality moisturising care mask at least once a week, such as the Patyka Intensive Moisturising Mask or the Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask.