The sought-after title of natural cosmetics product of the month for June goes, without a doubt, to Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser. The Gummy Cleanser is everything your skin needs from a cleanser this summer: it cleans your skin powerfully and is easy to use, but at the same time is extremely gentle, keeping your skin feeling good. Because you only need one cleanser, you can spend your time on enjoying summer.

It’s not just us who have become convinced of the power of this innovative facial cleanser – our customers have too. We’ve put together some of the reasons for choosing the June winner based on the customer feedback and user comments we’ve received so far. These will give you an idea:

“Because I use a lot of makeup and I have oily skin, I’ve got used to cleansing twice. Even with one-stage cleansers I usually wash my face twice. However, when I use Olixia I don’t feel like I need to wash twice. It’s just really, really good!”

“I don’t know what the secret is, but the whole product just makes me feel great. Maybe it’s the fun packaging. Then there’s the amazing result, of course.”

“I love being able to use just one cleanser! No faffing about, no layers, no washing in between times, no ugly facecloths hanging in the bathroom. Just one tube is all that I’ve been missing from cleansers. Sacred simplicity is finally back!”

“I follow the instructions to the letter and rubbing into dry skin and massaging it slowly enough do really good things for the skin. Maybe the vitamin C has an effect? When I use it like this, the product cleans my skin very well and my skin becomes noticeably brighter fast.”

“I had tried this product before and I missed it so badly I had to buy it straightaway, even though I have ten other cleansers in my bathroom. I just had to buy the Gummy Cleanser and prove that it really is the best in the world. It’s addictive!

“Easy, cheap, handy. Wonderfully fresh fragrance. It leaves my skin soft and glowing. My husband liked it too!”

“This amazes me every evening. My makeup comes off easily and I feel that my skin is PROPERLY clean, but not dry or tight at all." 

“I’d absolutely recommend it for combination skin. It has a balm-like feeling, it doesn’t dry out the cheeks, but you can wash your face normally with plenty of water. It moisturises and balances combination skin problems.” 

The June product, Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser, costs £24.00 and you can buy it here. Read more about the product here.