1. The easy-to-use Eco By Sonya Extreme Exfoliant Glove is excellent for using in body brushing, scrubbing and with shower gel.

  2. A powerful body scrub removes the dust of winter and flaky skin. Top-notch natural scrubs include the Isla Apothecary Coffee & Cinnamon Body Polish. It smells gorgeous and is great for when you want to get rid of orange peel skin. Skin-nourishing salt scrubs include the Finnish brand Flow Cosmetics’ Dark Coffee Himalayan Salt Body Scrub and Patyka’s award-winning Marine Chrystals, which have an unbeatably high quality for the price. A real spring product is the Ila Spa Body Scrub for Energising and Detoxifying, which helps your skin and your whole mood wake up to the new season.

  3. Absolution Le Gommage Corps Éclat Body Scrub is an innovative body detox product. The scrubbing ingredient are gentle, finely-ground particles of pumice. This volcanic powder does not scratch or irritate the skin but still scrubs powerfully. The vitamin-rich plant oils and extracts in the scrub nourish, calm and regenerate. When you rinse it off, the scrub’s oil-like consistency becomes milk-like and leaves your skin silky, nourished and glowing.

    Body scrub

  4. The Detoxifying line of products from Amala include myrtle extract, which regenerates skin cells, and deep-cleans and activates the skin. The experience of using Amala products has been luxurious and pleasant.

  5. The Absolution La Fermeté Solution + Body Serum is a firming body serum which we recommend for use in localised problem areas. The fast drying consistency is also suitable for busy mornings. The body serum should be used as a treatment for the results to show. This powerful serum firms and smooths the skin. It is suitable for removing cellulite, for example, alongside plenty of water drinking, exercise, the correct diet and regular body scrubbing or dry brushing.

  6. The Patyka Youthful Firming Body Cream is an innovative body cream with hyaluronic acid which is a lifesaver at the time of year when we love short sleeves. This firming body cream has been developed to firm up loose skin. It’s particularly suitable as a powerful topical product, for example, for inner parts of the arms, the stomach, the bust area and the thighs. The light consistency is absorbed by the skin instantly, leaving it extremely firm and smooth to the touch. We give it extra points for its feminine fragrance, reminiscent of a summery body fragrance.

    Body detox

  7. The Madara Anti-Cellulite Cream is a keenly priced anti-cellulite cream with caffeine that has been specifically designed for problem areas of the body. It activates fatty tissues, boosts lymph circulation and moisturises effectively.

  8. The secret of beautiful body skin is the same as with the face: sufficient moisture. The light and quickly absorbing Patyka Almond Blossom Body Milk makes regular body care easy. A good option for those of you who need a fuller care is the Bee Lovely Body Lotion from Neal’s Yard Remedies which draws on invigorating essential oils of orange and mandarin, as well as honey, for its fragrance.

  9. The beauty secret of bare skin is body oil! It immediately makes skin tone look more even while giving it a gorgeous shine. The Ila Spa Body Oil for Vital Energy will, as the name implies, make your skin vitalized. For those of you looking for some more colour tone, the Isla Apothecary Jasmine Sunset Radiance Body Oil, which contains a bronze glow, is a must. It’s like a moisturiser for the body that gives you colour tone.

  10. For natural self-tanning we recommend the Eco by Sonya products. Eco by Sonya is high-quality, effective and safe. The range’s self-tanning products do not contain synthetic ingredients or colourants.