The Sweet & Safe Kiss lipsticks and lip sorbets are, in the traditional Absolution way, made from the best ingredients. When you get the lipstick on your hand or put some of that colour on a brush or directly on your lips, you notice it at once. Now we’re in Paris, ladies! Its colours glow so powerfully, and its case sends such a signal that it really speaks for itself. You recognise it suddenly in your nose as a nuanced scent of the city, you see that yellow light as a dancing mirage, and you suddenly feel like some of that very good sparkling wine.

The well-known French choreographer and makeup artist Christophe Danchaud is described thus:

In the world of make-up and cosmetics, Christophe is respected for his remarkable technique, his great creativity, and his openness and natural ability to blend into the universe of whichever artist he works. He has collaborated with top designers and photographers and their subjects, including Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Peter Lindbergh, Ellen von Unwerth, Monica Bellucci, Juliette Binoche, Mylène Farmer, Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Tautou, Sharon Stone, Catherine Deneuve, Keira Knightley, Marion Cotillard…

In France, Danchaud has done haute couture, films and commercial campaigns from Hugo Boss via Mercedes Benz to Chanel. He came across and fell in love with, Absolution creator Isabelle Carron’s uncompromising style, quality principles and artistic work product, as many of the rest of us have. Christophe dreamt then of his own makeup brand, one that would be organic, aesthetically poetic and filled with high-quality knowledge and skills. Absolution was a perfect answer to all of these demands, which is why Christophe and Isabelle decided to create something together.

Christophe and Isabelle’s productive cooperation crystallised in the KissKissBankBank project. It became “Libérons la Créativité!” or “Release the creativity!”. It was a crowdfunding project inspired by the slogan in which several creative and innovative projects have been refined, of which Absolution’s Sweet & Safe Kiss is one. This is an ambitious aim to create and develop as a product the world’s best natural cosmetics lipstick. This means beautiful and effective tones without ingredients that are dangerous to people or the environment. Christophe and Isabelle wanted to turn, what was said to be impossible, into reality. And they were successful in creating a product that was organic, long-lasting, saturation and attention to the luxury class – with style!

Thanks to the lipsticks’ lush consistency the user experience is pleasant and the carefully chosen plant oils make the lipsticks easier to spread and nourish the lips. The result is a lasting, durable, intense and lush half-matte colour.

The colour scale is classically French, which probably says something about the vision of the Sweet & Safe Kiss lipstick creators Christophe and Isabelle. On offer are strong feminine, thrilling shades, three red and three pink:

16 Poppy Red is a cheerfully fresh orange-red lipstick for everyday use. The energetic colour will put a smile on your face and give you a trendy and contemporary style.

08 Theatre Red is a classic clean red with a slight tendency towards cool tones. Absolution says the seductive and timeless colour is intended for strong, self-confident women of all ages.

01 Deep Red is a deep wine-dark red. It is a powerful, exciting and sublime union of red wine and aubergine. Absolution recommends it, at the very least, for mysterious women. 

11 Rosewood is a cool-toned, natural lipstick that suits everybody. It is a perfect everyday lipstick which can be worn round the clock.

07 Pure Pink is a softly refreshing pink which brightens the skin tone, making its wearer look cool and fresh. Absolution recommends this shade for the days when your skin needs light, and your face needs a “wake-up”.

19 Powerful Pink is a strong and bright red tending towards cool fuchsia. In particular, it is perfect for cool, beautiful women, Absolution says.

Absolution Sweet & Safe Kiss Lipsticks

Following the large popularity of its matte lipsticks, Absolution developed three caring lip sorbets in cooperation with star makeup artist Christophe Danchaud. Sorbet lipsticks are more translucent and leave a moister result than the matt intensive lipsticks from Absolution. The caring consistency of the sorbets is applied to the lips easily and contains a rich mix of the best plant oils and waxes. These fresh tones bring a gust of summer to all seasons. 

The consistency of the sorbets is a modern, gel-like one that is even silky. The sorbets give the lips a translucent colour that has the guaranteed staying power quality of Absolution. They are especially suitable for women who do not feel entirely comfortable in very visible red.

The sorbets are also more than beautiful colours - their consistency takes care of the lips with their carefully chosen ingredients. Castor, jojoba, argan and sunflower oil soothe, moisturise and nourish. Beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax protect the lips, while shea butter caresses and nourishes the skin of the lips. They work well instead of lip balms during the cold seasons.

The sorbets are available in three gorgeously fresh shades. The new shades are numbered, slightly confusingly, 3, 5 and 20. This is because the shade’ developer Christophe loves tarot cards and has carefully chosen the new shades’ numbers based on their symbolism. 

03 Cerise is a cool red, seductive tone which emphasises the lips’ natural beauty. The symbolism of the number three celebrates feminine elegance, sensuality and energy, which encourage the wearer to bring beauty and enjoyment to her surroundings.

05 Dusky Rose is a translucently pink-red which softly emphasises the lips’ own colour. This natural shade is easy to use and fall in love with. The symbolism of the number five is linked to protection, wisdom and harmony with the universe.

20 Papaya is a bright coral shade containing orange and pink. This fresh shade, full of joie de vivre, was numbered 20 because it represents rebirth and new beginnings.