In Kirsten Kjaer Weis’ words “It took time, but we made it happen.” The inventions demanded by natural cosmetics luxury lipsticks are not easy or cheap, or at least not when the aim is perfectly rich tones and long-lasting pigments from first-class organic raw materials.

Kjaer Weis produces uncompromising eco-luxury with startlingly refined style. The stunning lipsticks will satisfy any friend of selective cosmetics for whom ease of use and quality of the makeup are important criteria. It is also possible to buy refill packs for the luxury silver cases.

The consistency of Kjaer’s new lipsticks is a little creamier than, for example, the matte lipsticks from Absolution. The shades provide a good coverage and are rich in pigments, but the quality oils contained in the lipsticks make them moisturising. Kjaer Weis markets the product with the slogan “non-stop moisture”. The result of the lip makeup is not, in spite of the oil, glossy – instead, it has a dim surface and is soft-looking. Kirsten Kjaer Weis hits the nail on the head when he describes the result: “suede-like softness”.

Kjaer Weis bullet lipsticks

It’s the autumn that Kjaer’s lipsticks are most suited for, as lips start to dry out because of central heating and night frosts. The lipsticks’ intensive and durable colours serve you well in everyday situations, but they shine brightly and capture attention as part of the festive season makeup at the end of the year, too. Here are the shades (six separate ones):

Adore is a born classic. Strong, deep iconic red, “Hollywood red”.

Believe is a perfect everyday shade for a light-coloured skin. It’s just the sort of lipstick which doesn’t show – it’s that close to the lips’ own tone. It saves and wakes up pale faces. Believe is gorgeous with dark eye makeup, on older women, too.

Empower is a beautiful pink and quite a clean shade, but still refined and in no way too much.

Honor is a pink and surprising, in our experience, nude. Kirsten says Honor is “the perfect balance of nude and pink”.

Love is a coral tone. Its bright, fresh and strong colour does wonders for the skin! It is a life force without compare.

Affection is a fresh, light and neutral pink which is suitable for many people and refreshes the whole face.

Inspired by Kjaer Weis classic red packaging, KW Red defies trends and flatters all skin tones. A true, classic red.

Brilliant is a warm nude lipstick with a tinge of pretty apricot. Try this beautiful nude lipstick as a counter to a soft, grey smokey eye. 

Kjaer Weis bullet lipsticks