With the help of fruit acids, you can carry out a refreshing and renewing spring clean on your skin. Fruit acids, also known as alpha hydroxy acids, are powerful ingredients in many skin clarifying peels and masks. Fruit acids are used in home care products in both weak and strong concentrations and they are generally good for almost all skin types. If your skin is hypersensitive or if you have rosacea, for example, we recommend you use fruit acid-containing products with caution. You can test your reaction to products containing fruit acids on a small skin area first.

Fruit acids peel the skin by removing dead skin cells from the skin’s outermost layers. In addition, fruit acids work as humectants or skin moisturisers. In natural cosmetics fruit acids include acids from apples, lemons, oranges, blueberries, sugar cane and pineapple. Fruit acids are particularly suitable for very aged skin, impure skin, and for caring for pigment changes.

The Jolie range has powerful natural cosmetic fruit acid peels. The strength of the peels comes from the peeling and clarifying effect of the fruit acids. The peels are spread on the face like a mask and left to take effect for anything from a few to ten minutes. In addition, our range includes peels that are strengthened with added fruit acids, which also have scrubbing particles. These are particularly good for blackheads and other small skin blockages. You should apply these peels to the face and let them take effect for a few minutes, after which you can rub the scrubbing particles on the skin in circular motions. The fruit acid concentration in these peels is even lower than in similar products without particles.

Fruit acids have been added to a few masks and other skincare products to give them an extra boost. They powerfully refresh the skin and make it look clearer and fresher in a short time.

Patyka Double Action

Jolie’s delicious natural cosmetic fruit acid products will wake your skin up for the new season:

  1. A powerful night serum that feels like a whole treatment regimen is Kypris Moonlight Catalyst. Its magic comes from its refreshing and lightly peeling effect. The treatment helps easily clogged skin stay clean and clear, and is also an excellent powerful clarifying product for unclear or ageing skin. It has a pleasant, quickly absorbing consistency which moisturises the skin, leaving it cared for and soft.

  2. The Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi MM Face Peel is rich in honey, which keeps the skin soft, and glycolic acid from sugar cane, which lightly peels dead skin cells. The rich clarifying, moisturising and smoothing effects of the peel also make it a wonderful mask.

  3. Kypris Glow Philtre is a clarifying mask which suits all skin types as a Cinderella mask. The pomegranate in this beautifying product peels the skin with enzymes, revealing its natural glow. It is also suitable as a mild peel for skin types that do not otherwise react well to peels.

    Kypris Glow Philthre

  4. Patyka Cleansing Perfection Foam contains an extremely mild combination of fruit acids. Used daily, they help deep clean pores gently, thus stopping them from getting clogged. Your skin will get a new lease of life and look clearer.

  5. Patyka’s Double Action Smoothing Scrub peel is particularly useful for dry and/or ageing skin because of its moisturising and regenerating effects. It contains small particles of bamboo and jojoba fruit that, instead of cutting the skin, gently remove dead skin cells in cooperation with Patyka’s five fruit acid combination.

  6. The Absolution face peel La Crème Gommante Face Scrub combines the best of fruit acids and manual peeling. The clay-based peel suits all skin types but is particularly useful for unclean skin. You can also use this product as a mini-mask for a longer period – up to ten minutes. That way, it clarifies the skin even more effectively, while also cleaning it.

  7. The Madara AHA Mask is an excellent AHA peel with a great price-quality ratio. It’s easy to adjust how long you leave it on your skin in accordance with your skin type. For clogged skin, you can leave it on to take effect for up to ten minutes.

    Whamisa Peeling Finger Mitt

  8. The Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask is an ingenious combination of a cleansing mask and extremely mild fruit acids. The Pai Skincare line, from England, has been developed for the needs of sensitive, reaction-prone skin, which is why its ingredients won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. This mask is also excellent for skin types that aren’t sensitive. In this case, you can peel the skin before applying the mask, for example with a small-particle peel.

  9. The Supermood Youth Glo Luxury Peel is a luxurious, powerful and particle-free peel which is particularly well suited to ageing skin and colour faults (such as pigment spots). On thin skin, a minute is enough for this product to work its magic and give your face that youthful glow. When left longer on the skin, the peel is good for unclogging skin with large pores.

  10. Whamisa’s innovative Peeling Finger Mitt's represent BHA peeling. The active peeling ingredient in the mitts is betaine salicylate (a combination of betaine and salicylic acid that is gentler than salicylic acid on its own). In addition, the Fruits version of the mitts contains fruit acids, which clarify the skin and your look.