Pai Skincare has once again come up with a new product that we are really excited about! The London-based company's newest product is a serum that is just perfect and complements their other products beautifully. Its INCI list is also very cutting-edge – the product includes Australian super berries, coconut and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Do you ever wish you could just pour a glass of water into your skin, one way or another? No matter how many creams and lotions you use, your skin just appears sort of dull and dry? Would you like your skin to look youthful, glowing, fresh and well-moisturised?

Drinking plenty of clean water is an obvious way to improve the condition of your skin, but Pai makes it easy to also hydrate your skin using a little magic from a bottle. The product's name, Back to Life Hydration Serum, says it all: your skin will be brought back to life. 

Pai Skincare specializes in products for sensitive and reactive skin types, and the serum's development process was based around the fact that it's difficult to create an effective serum that doesn't irritate sensitive skin. Super concentrated and highly efficient products may sometimes be too much for the skin. People with acute skin issues are often concerned about the skin reactions that serums may cause. As you would expect from Pai, there are as few potentially irritating ingredients in the Back to Life serum as possible. The carefully selected combination of thoroughly tested high-quality ingredients with a low molecular weight guarantees that the serum is absorbed easily. According to Pai Skincare, their new super-efficient face treatment product is also suitable for people with highly sensitive skin.

Pai Skincare Back To Life Hydration Serum

The Back to Life Hydration Serum is also suitable for people who find that traditional creams and oils tend to cause impurities in their skin. Sufficient hydration is required before using creams or oils. For example, Pai's famous rose hip oil is excellent for protecting, repairing and nourishing the skin, but it cannot offer the hydration your skin needs. By adding oil on top of the serum, you can lock the hydrating effects within the skin. For a complete treatment, start by using a tonic before the serum. 

Our conservative estimate is that this new serum will be practically flying out of our warehouse. The Back to Life Hydration Serum will be a massive hit and one of the best investments you could make – that much is clear. It's going to be one of those cosmetics products that you use all the time, down to the last drop. In our opinion, a good hydrating product is the first step in improving your skin's well-being, and hydration is necessary for all skin types. The Back to Life Hydration Serum is also perfect for modern men who want more glow and hydration for their skin – we expect men will grab this product as soon as it becomes available.

In Pai Skincare's consumer trial, 100 women between the ages of 22 and 45 years tested the new product, with excellent results. 80–90% of the testers said that their skin feels better after using the serum and that the product provides long-term hydration without irritation and is absorbed quickly, which makes it suitable for use under makeup.