If you ask us, there is still not enough modern organic cosmetic makeup available. Different people prefer different foundation textures. One mascara may work for some while others choose a different one. The reasoning behind choosing just the right blush and bronzer may be a complete mystery. In colour cosmetics, a wide range of options equals good, customized service.

A newcomer in the Jolie selection, Nui Cosmetics is an entirely vegan makeup range. What’s worth noticing about the brand is that the lipsticks are also vegan, as there is an urgent need for good natural cosmetic lipsticks that are fully vegan! The Nui Cosmetics mascara is also vegan. Nui Cosmetics products are also remarkably pure with plenty of organic ingredients.

Modern looks

Nui Cosmetics Natural Liquid Foundation

Nui Cosmetics will make you look extremely modern. The carefree, urban brand is all about this day and this moment, and its makeup products are carried by women who are elegant in a bohemian way. The skin of these beauties has a stylish luminescence and they look enviably well although it does not appear that much effort at all goes into their looks. 

Organic cosmetic foundations provide an easy way to nourish the skin, and our selection has several excellent options. If you want to refresh your memory, see the Foundation Guide that we published in late March to find the right one for you. Another much-touted star in this category is this novelty: Nui Cosmetics Natural Liquid Foundation – a vegan foundation that has received stunningly good reviews everywhere.

The Liquid Foundation

Nui Cosmetics Natural Liquid Foundation provides effective coverage, but also a fresh-looking result. Even after applying quickly using fingers, the result can be incredibly even and flawless. Because of this, you find yourself wanting to glance at your refreshed, glowing face in every mirror that you pass. The light matte finish is long-lasting, and due to its thin texture, the foundation can safely be layered on for added coverage. The scent has hints of summery vanilla. If you need to set your foundation, Nui Cosmetics has a handy Natural Setting Powder for longer-lasting makeup.

Nui Cosmetics Natural Liquid Foundation is available in the following shades:

Intense Kanapa – neutral fair. The lightest shade among Nui’s foundations.

Matao – cool/neutral medium-light shade.

Taiao – neutral medium-light shade.

Intense Taiao – warm medium-light shade, slightly darker than Taiao.

Puru – warm medium-dark shade.

Aramona – neutral medium-dark shade.

Wera – warm dark shade.


Nui Cosmetics Natural Lipstick

This vegan lipstick adds fabulously glowing, long-lasting colour to the lips. The wide range includes more matte and intensive reds as well as lighter and shinier tones. The silky textures make application easy and feel like a second skin. The nourishing combination of ingredients relies on organic coconut, jojoba and avocado oils. The lipstick also contains capuacu, mango and cocoa butters, which soothe, hydrate and protect your lips. The compact range of colours includes accessorizing shades carefully considered with style and skill from trendy darks to lightly summery tinted lip balms.

Nui Cosmetics Cream Blush for Cheek, Eyes & Lips Multi-stick

Nineties fans love sticks if their memory still goes back twenty years. The old trend is once again in and very much Berlin! This multipurpose makeup stick is a true must-have in your makeup bag. The creamy texture, which makes the stick extremely easy and quick to use, is suitable for your cheeks, lips and eyes. The result is summery and fresh. You can dab the colour with your fingers or apply the stick directly on your cheekbones, lips and/or eyelids and blend to create a soft finish. The adorable, versatile colours go just as well with summer in the city, a festival or a cottage holiday.


Nui Cosmetics Natural Brow Sculpt Eyebrow Tint

One of the favourite Nui products has been an eyebrow tint resembling a brow wax in stylistic colours that are true to the brand and far from stuffy. The matte texture of Natural Brow Sculpt shapes your brows to create either a striking or a natural look. The colour fills in gaps and fixes the shape of the eyebrows. The formula nourishes the skin and the eyebrows thanks to its organic castor oil, jojoba oil and lavender. Castor oil strengthens hairs and boosts their growth.