May Lindstrom is the passionate author of highly individual beauty recipes. May approaches each chosen ingredient and the product she develops with love and real purpose. She looks for ingredients that are characterised by the words wild, organic, botanical, biodynamic, exotic, rich, nutrient-dense, expensive. The results are intoxicating mixtures of rare substances, which with beauty can easily be tempted to bloom - both inside and out. 

For May, beauty is not on the outside, however, and it is not something to stress about. May appreciates and creates beauty rituals, as well as stopping to perform them. Presence, feeling, taking care of oneself and the synergy of body and soul are at the core the philosophy of May Lindstrom Skin. We should give room to our unique feelings, authenticity and joy. From them come real pampering and a feeling of wellbeing.

May Lindstrom Skin is a sensual pearl of natural cosmetics. On May’s social media channels you can easily find socially shared joy of the kind that holistic beauty care produces at its best. In spite of the products’ price tags people are interested in trying May’s perfect raw materials and rituals and getting close to the heart of May Lindstrom Skin. Every huge natural cosmetics fan knows the feeling when you get to open a long-awaited, gorgeous package, which makes you and the whole day feel celebratory and, quite simply, happy.

The latest product from May Lindstrom Skin is The Pendulum Potion cleansing oil, a top-quality oil mixture which nurtures the skin deep down. The cleansing oil, based on the current and refreshing tamanol not only cleans off makeup but also clearly brightens the skin. Tamanol has the unique property of repairing the skin and boosting the formation of new tissue. It heals scars and prevents and repairs the ageing changes of the skin.

Pendulum has, as is customary with May’s products, an authentic smelling and full-bodied consistency. The plentiful oil cleanser leaves skin clean, glowingly beautiful and soft. It contains antioxidant-rich cocoa, which wakes up dull skin and gives the product not only extra power but also a deliciously added boost to the user’s experience. Sensual jasmine, ylang-ylang and frankincense complete the oil’s warm and relaxing fragrance. The Pendulum Potion is suitable for all skin types. It is a good idea to shake the bottle well before each use. Spray the oil on your dry face, after which you should massage it in with damp hands. When cleansing, a great aid is a muslin cloth moistened with warm water, as water alone does not remove the product.