Jolie’s selection is ever-expanding. We search, ponder and test. However, we do not think to broaden our selection is a goal in itself. Each brand needs to have a natural place as a part of the range we offer before we decide to take it in. When we test new products we are always doing so with the aim of including the product in our selection, but we also aim to create long-term partnerships. To collaborate, we require not just love at first sight but also the conditions for high quality and a functioning journey together. Jolie and its customers have high demands and not without reason.

Those using organic cosmetics are often trying to solve a problem. Our customers often tell us that they have sensitive skin that reacts easily. They look into natural cosmetics to find help after products from the pharmacy, drugs or synthetic products have either failed to bring help or don’t feel good on their skin.

Once the West End Girls called upon us, as our Norwegian agents had been whispering them stories about Jolie, a heroine of natural cosmetics. The passionate team at Pai Skincare told us they were producing solutions. First aid kits of natural cosmetics and home pharmacies. Natural remedies and weapons of precision for demanding skin.

What were they talking about then? Sarah Brown, the founder of Pai Skincare, had a goal of creating the purest plant-based skincare products on the international markets and offering a range of products to those who have an extremely sensitive skin. Today Pai produces all of its products itself in London with the guidance of its natural scientists with thorough knowledge. You can buy Pai products in over 40 countries. It has been praised by beauty experts everywhere and has thousands of satisfied users all over the world. Also those who don’t have skin issues but have completely fallen in love with the range just because it is truly wonderful. A sincere fan of the brand with sensitive skin is the beautiful Natalie Portman.

The eco-certified brand has a basic ideology of treating especially sensitive or sensitized skin. Pai offers natural solutions for skin care during pregnancy, atopy, contact dermatitis, irritation, inflamed dermatitis, rosacea, hormonal skin issues, redness, and hypersensitive skin. The products are simple and of the highest quality, and improve the skin’s own mechanisms and protection. The central ingredients are rosehip, chamomile, and lotus in therapeutic amounts. In addition to what Pai products contain it is important to note what they don’t contain: alcohol, fragrances, beeswax, sodium lauryl sulphate, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, parabens, petrochemical products, and phthalates.

The team at Jolie tested Pai Skincare according to our normal process. We took in some of the acclaimed products and tried them out: lotus toner, the chamomile cream used and praised by Natalie Portman, and sea aster serum. It isn’t often that we call each other late at night to discuss the products being tested, but this time we did so and the message was, “wow!”. We had all separately understood that we were testing products that were uniquely effective and which we really wanted to a) use ourselves b) offer to our customers. Yes, you can solve those skin issues!