Jolie is pleased to announce that it is now stocking new makeup products from Estelle & Thild! These natural cosmetic makeups, which contain high-quality, natural minerals, are a welcome addition to our selection and to the range of premium natural cosmetics on offer in general. We are particularly delighted to stock a liquid foundation, as we have received a lot of enquiries from customers about adding more choice in this area.

Estelle & Thild’s new Healthy Glow Foundation is a perfect everyday foundation that gives just the right amount of coverage without being thick. When you use this product you won’t look like you’re overdoing it with the makeup, but it will even out small skin flaws and give your skin a smooth, glowing surface. It’s not shiny in an oily way, however, and those of you who like a glowing surface can leave powder out of your routine without a second thought. For a moisturising foundation, the Estelle & Thild Healthy Glow Foundation has good hold.

Estelle&Thild Foundation

Foundation can be on our skin for up to 5,000 hours a year, so it’s worth our while choosing a product made of natural ingredients. That way, our skin is sure to feel better. The ingredients of Healthy Glow Foundation include hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, and it is also a skincare product. The silky, quickly absorbed consistency does not block pores and lets skin breathe. Clinical trials have shown that using Healthy Glow Foundation regularly can improve the skin’s moisture levels by 46.77% in just four weeks. The cool tones of this Swedish product range are a good match for pale skin.

Jolie’s famous beauty medium predicts great success for Healthy Glow: it’s going to be a classic summer foundation. What is most fabulous is that the new Estelle & Thild makeups include excellent-value brushes. The foundation brush, for example, makes for an even better Healthy Glow result and speeds up your morning routine.

As crazy fans of blush we of course fell head over heels in love with the Estelle & Thild Fresh Glow Satin Blush products, which have soft pigments and good hold. We also recommend them for cautious blush users, as the tones are refined and easy to spread. The effect is restrained glow without shiny spots. The natural colours of Estelle & Thild Silky Eyeshadow can be described in the same way: these products have gorgeously deep, refined and stylish tones. The Estelle & Thild colours are easy to use, blend beautifully without visible boundaries and can withstand being rubbed in by the fingers.

Both mascaras are good, but the Jolie team’s favourite is Estelle & Thild Volume Mascara, even though the natural cosmetics guru Katja Kokko chose Estelle & Thild Long Lash Mascara as her favourite. Long Lash Mascara is also Estelle & Thild’s best-selling product worldwide. The wide range of lip gloss tones is a brilliant addition to the Jolie selection, which is already famous for the world’s best matte lipsticks.

Estelle&Thild Mascara

The Estelle & Thild headquarters in Stockholm also told us which five products are their global bestsellers to date. We’re sure this can help you make your mind up when your start choosing new additions to your makeup bag:

Estelle & Thild top 5 international makeup best-sellers:

  1. BioMineral Long Lash Mascara
  2. BioMineral Healthy Glow Foundation (tone: 111)
  3. BioMineral Silky Eye Shadow - Marble
  4. BioMineral Healthy Glow Sun Powder Light Matte
  5. BioMineral Fresh Glow Satin Blush Dusty Rose