Australia’s best-selling natural self-tanners have been Jolie’s most popular summer products for many years now. Eco by Sonya is a 100% natural skincare range. The honey-glow tan that Eco by Sonya gives you won’t stain your clothes and has a beautiful tone without any orange nuances. The products only contain natural and organic ingredients such as camomile, honeysuckle and lavender flower extracts, avocado, geranium and macadamia seed oils, cocoa and aloe vera. 

The birth of Eco by Sonya

The story of the product family began when the Australian Sonya Driver’s sister got melanoma at the age of thirty. Like many other people, the women of the family wanted to hold onto a beautiful tan in spite of the dangers of the sun. Sonya, disappointed with the range of self-tanners on offer, ended up spending thousands of hours developing a safe and natural alternative. The result was Eco by Sonya, which is high-quality, effective and safe. The range’s products do not contain synthetic ingredients or colourants.

Eco by Sonya made history when it became the first self-tanning skincare range to be awarded the Australian Organic Food Chain certificate. In Australia, the range is number 1 among natural self-tanners. The product is not tested on animals and most products are completely vegan.

Eco by Sonya product favourites

A powerful self-tanner for the body

The range’s self-tanning face and body lotion allow you to conjure up help for pale limbs. This product is good for getting, deepening or maintaining a tan. One application of this self-tanner can provide a beautiful, honeyed tan for body and face for up to eight hours. If you need to peel your body before using the self-tanner, we recommend the Eco by Sonya peeling mitten and/or the brand’s salt peel, with its lemongrass and coconut fragrance.

An innovative face tan water

Here at Jolie last summer, a hugely popular product among customers was Eco by Sonya’s innovative gradually self-tanning toner, which moisturises and gradually spreads a gorgeous, natural tan on the face. The innovative consistency locks in moisture and doesn’t clog pores. The products is also excellent for skin types prone to oiliness and acne. It evens out skin tone, giving a tan that gradually deepens, without orange. The face tan water quickly conjures a healthy glow onto your face.

Firming mousse & face tan water

A quick and convenient self-tanning mousse

The Jolie team is mad about Eco by Sonya’s Cacao Firming Mousse. The mousse gives your skin a powerful tan in one application in 1–4 hours after applying it to the skin. You can adjust the depth of the tan if you want to by washing during this time. During the first hour, a beautifully pale tan is produced. You can get a deeper tan by letting the product take effect overnight, for example – for at least eight hours before showering. Organic coffee, blood orange, ginger and mandarin nourish the skin while also helping smooth out cellulite. It’s a good idea to peel and moisturise before using the mousse.