The luxury makeup series Kjaer Weis launched the brand’s first makeup pencils in September in New York. The stylish white pencils and intense colours create the irresistible urge to try them out. Oh if only there was an opportunity soon to get ready for a special evening, dress up in high heels, a feminine dress and better-than-usual makeup! If no such invitation is coming, the Kjaer Weis Lip & Eye Pencils are an excellent excuse to make up a reason for a party. Whether you are dreaming of dim, atmospherically lit nights or easy everyday makeup, Kirsten’s chosen tones have a lot of applications.

Kjaer Weis Eye & Lip Pencils

The first edition contains two eyeliners and four separate shades for the lips. The eyeliners have been launched in classic black and brown shades. Kirsten Kjaer Weis describes his new brown eyeliner as having the perfect colour – the shade was the central criterion when the product was being developed. If there were just one brown eye pencil in the world, this would be it, Kirsten says. It has a neutral medium brown colour suitable for many people that is still not too faint. The black eye pencil, on the other hand, is a mainstay of any woman’s basic makeup kit and suits all situations from feline evening makeup to everyday use. The pigment-rich pencils leave a beautiful satin surface and a long-lasting result.

The lip pencils’ Classic shade is a classic red, as the name suggests. If you are searching Kjaer’s other products for a partner for the Classic pencil that tends towards an even tone, the nearest one of the bullets is the KW Red. Of the lip tint ones, the closest is Lover’s Choice. Flush, with its bright and jagged pink, is easy to mix up with Empower and Romance. The Mauve pencil, which exudes sighs of autumn, is perfect with the plum-coloured Believe and Sensuous Plum lipsticks and lip tints. Rose is a nude shade tending towards pink which goes well with Kjaer Weis’ faded pink and nude-coloured lipsticks and lip tints.

The pigment rich pencils make it easy to conjure up well-defined lip makeup which effectively blocks the spread of lipstick and brings the desired shape of the lips to the fore. The pencils leave lips soft and moisturised, which makes applying lipstick easy. The shades are carefully considered and thus easy to combine with Kjaer Weis’ other lip products. Naturally, the bar has been high for raw materials and how caring the products are. The pencils, made of the best natural and organic ingredients, suit very sensitive skin and do not irritate the thin skin area of the eyes or lips. The products are not only makeup – at the same time, they are the best and highest-quality skincare.

In the traditional way of all other Kjaer Weis products, there are refills available for the eye pencils.

We created these pencils to be nourishing for the lips and gentle on the eyes.” – Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis Eye & Lip Pencils