BYBI Beauty - good and cheap

BYBI Beauty, born from the hobby of two English cosmetics bloggers Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic, is clearly the child of skin care experts. These women have experimented with cosmetics and their experiences, insights and know-how have ultimately resulted in DIY cosmetics, which started out from kitchen experimentation, becoming a real business. As demanding consumers of cosmetics, it is important for women that all of the raw materials used in BYBi products are of truly prime quality, and no unnecessary fillers are used. BYBI Beauty products pamper your skin perfectly throughout. Many current trending themes in beauty can be found in them; antioxidants, anti-pollution, activated charcoal, lip exfoliation, glow balm. At Jolie, they respond to customers' requests to add low-price quality cosmetics to the quality natural selection. The price-to-quality ratio of BYBI Beauty is excellent and the products are full of substance from start to finish. The packaging is made of a sugar-based bioplastic.

BYBI Beauty

The Jolie Team’s Product Hits - Mega Mist, Detox Dust & Babe Balm

Jolie’s crazy makeup ladies recommend you try British BYBI’s capacity via Mega Mist. The charm of Mega Mist, however, is also its downside because the product is so coveted that it is currently out of reach of not just the importer but also the manufacturer. We are awaiting a new batch feverishly, as the starter batch in the Jolie shop was lost in the blink of an eye. We promise to let the whole country burst into cheer at the as the postman delivers us the BYBI’s.

BYBI Babe Balm

The rose, orange blossom and melissa water-based Mega Mist face spray is a top-quality caretaker for your summer skin. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture, softens and lifts up. It helps to increase the moisture content of the skin (and keep it on the skin) and is a great product especially after spending time in the sun. You can, of course, complement the sweetness of the mist with, for example, the brand's fruity Supercharge serum. 

BYBI lip care products

Activated carbon is a current and future beauty megatrend. What we have seen so far is just the beginning. An interesting and timely example of carbon is BYBI's Detox Dust The activated charcoal and kaolin powder can be mixed with any natural raw material in order to make a face mask. Powder absorbs impurities and prevents their buildup in the skin. Super Powder works well when mixed with honey, avocado, milk, yogurt or even, when you run out of ideas, in water. You can customize your mask on your skin depending on the prevailing conditions and your needs. Make the paste as thick as desired and let it affect your clean skin for about 15 minutes. The powder also includes lotus, ginseng, papaya and oats.

BYBI Beauty

Every summer babe’s favourite product is the BYBI’s multifunctional balm Babe Balm. It is difficult to find a better summer holiday and festival product, and it can be used to beautify not only yourself, but also your spouse, friends and kids using the same happy tube. The balm is ideal, for example on the face, lips, body and dry spots even in the eye area. The Jolie team also found Babe Balm for primer purposes as it beautifully emphasizes the cheeks, Amor's curves and the angular bones underneath. Your face will start to glow from it. The raw materials include, for example, the glutinous and antioxidant coenzyme Q10, marigold, hibiscus and squalene.