We have a lot of customers who struggle with skin that is dry and tight on the surface but simultaneously gets many small zits around the face. Miliums and impurities underneath the skin cause issues for many.

When we encounter a client who suffers from a surface dry skin, our first question is always: do you use a toner? In these cases, we are always proponents for moisture from water-based products like toner and serums. 

So we decided once again to dedicate a rant to the topic of toner. Use loads of it! Surface dryness of the skin is often caused by cleansing products that are too strong and lack of using toner. The protective film on your skin is acid, as it is made out of fats and acids, and is called hydrolipid film. When the film is balanced, which again means that it’s not lacking moisture or fat, your skin has a soft, smooth, resilient surface that has a peachy glow in it. Cleansing products, on the other hand, are alkaline and contain surfactants, which purify the skin of makeup and impurities. The stronger the surfactants are, the more effective a cleanser is, but they also cause damage to the protective film on your skin – this causes your skin to be in imbalance after each time you wash it. 


In certified organic cosmetics, the most powerful surfactants, which on the synthetic side are called Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, are prohibited. They are used in synthetic cosmetics because they are cheaper and form foam easily – which creates a mental image of an effective cleansing product.

In natural cosmetics, surfactants clean your skin and makeup just as effectively, but with less damage to your skin’s protective film when compared to synthetic options. Despite this, when purifying your skin, even these products leave your skin in imbalance. This is why your skin needs help to find its balance again. And this is where one of the brightest stars of cosmetics comes into play: our friend, toner. And our most important message is that contrary to the very popular myth, a toner is not a cleansing product, but a skincare product. Sure, it gives a finishing touch to your cleansing routine and removes the last drops of your makeup, but it also helps to bring back your skin’s own protective film and its balance – this can be felt as an immediate relief to the tight feeling on your skin. A balanced, gentle skin surface is much more receptive to all care products like serums, oils and moisturisers, than a tight skin. A great metaphor is a dry plant pot that you try to water: the water sticks to the surface of the soil for a long time without soaking in before finally starting to let the water and moisture in.

So all you lovely people out there, please use toner and use a lot of it, mornings and evenings! In the morning, the toner is all you need to cleanse your face. If you have oily skin, instead of a moisturizing and nourishing toner you can use one that gently shrinks and purifies pores. Serums, oils and moisturisers can be applied on skin still slightly damp from the toner.

Just as our bodies need both water and good fats, our skin needs them too. Using oils, oily serums, and lotions in the evenings is highly recommended even if you are prone to get zits here and there. Not having enough fats in your skin can also cause it to get dry on the surface, which causes those zits to get stuck underneath the skin. But first moisture, then oils.

Which toner do you use?