Absolution of Paris exudes an uncompromising nature, originality and a strong mind that you notice as soon as you set eyes on them. You can mix Absolution’s creams and serums yourself to tailor the products to your personal taste. The way the products are packaged supports this “Mix & Match” philosophy ingeniously. No two skins are the same, and no two days are the same, either, which is why Absolution offers a collection of bespoke products, “Made to Measure”.

Absolution is entirely unisex, suiting both men and women. The aromas are clean and come straight from the ingredients used. All products have a high organic content, and the ingredients use the world’s most nutrient-rich plant oils and extracts. Many of the products use superfoods as aromas.

The job of respected natural cosmetics trailblazer and product developer Isabelle Carron is to hunt down the newest trends and ingredients in natural cosmetics. She very gladly spends time in her Parisian laboratory “cooking”, as she calls her favourite hobby. Carron, the founder of Absolution, who used to work in advertising, is a bold and uncompromising businesswoman. Isabelle’s way of making cosmetics is like her: stylish, creative, fun and self-confident.

Isabelle’s vision is for Absolution to be a natural cosmetics apothecary which shares joy and creativity. Without strict rules and bans, products can be used in many ways. The Mix & Match principle makes it possible to mix creams, serums and Addiction oil as needed. This way, two products easily become three. The products’ highly effective, concentrated ingredients work in synergy, and their effects change and are boosted when they are mixed. By adjusting the mix, products can be used very economically and with a wide range of applications. In this way, searching for and finding the right mix for your skin, and the combination that works best is easy. Couples, families and friends living together can easily use the same products, mixing them in individual proportions.

Isabelle is interested in the big challenges and the innovations that are difficult to produce as natural cosmetics, but above all else, she wants to see functioning natural cosmetics. She tends towards creative madness and playfulness when developing her products, but a higher criterion is still the effectiveness and sense of the product for the user.

Absolution is a highly favoured brand in Jolie’s selection. Its most active users are loyal and love the brand. The fanbase is growing all the time. We thought that our customers would like to know, as would we, which Absolution products Isabelle herself uses. First, she said all of them, but in the end, we found out what her favourites are:

  1. Le Soin Regard eye cream is a lifesaver for women who travel a lot and lead stressful lives. Mica is the magic word in this Absolution eye cream: it creates a natural optical illusion, reflecting light and making dark circles disappear. If you want an extra boost against puffiness, you can store the cream in the fridge.
  2. La Crème du Teint - Teint from Absolution is a lighter version of traditional cosmetic creams, but it has all the concealing power of a heavy BB cream. It is ideal for light makeup for all occasions, night and day, in summer and winter. 
  3. Le Sérum Anti-Soif – Absolution’s most popular serum with an excellent price-quality ratio. It offers perfect moisture levels in winter underneath creams and oils, and on its own in summer. This serum controls in surface dryness and the impurities under the skin. 
  4. La Crème Douce Démaquillante cleansing cream cleans gently but efficiently without affecting your skin’s protection. It is particularly suitable for ageing or sensitive skin that tends to dry out.
  5. La Crème du Jour – Isabelle’s timeless product, one that is always with her and in use. This woman’s best friend is a proper guaranteed moisture cream, which you can use for the rest of your life if you want to.
  6. La Brume Systémique – this phased face mist is Isabelle’s favourite innovation, helping to balance your skin by keeping surface dryness in check.  For a facial mist, it moisturises in a truly exceptional way and works superbly in hot conditions, for example.
  7. Le Soin Repulpant – Vitamin U activates your epidermis, making the Repulpant mask an excellent choice for ageing skin. Isabelle recommends using the mask if it sometimes feels like you need “a new face”.
  8. L’Eau Soir et Matin - your everyday beauty lotion. An excellent skin cleanser for days off and holidays, when you use less makeup. It invigorates and aids the skin on planes when working on a computer and in dry rooms.