The sought-after title of natural cosmetics product of the month for June goes, without a doubt, to Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser. The Gummy Cleanser is everything your skin needs from a cleanser this summer: it cleans your skin powerfully and is easy to use, but at the same time is extremely gentle, keeping your skin feeling good.
A newcomer in the Jolie selection, Nui Cosmetics is an entirely vegan makeup range. Nui Cosmetics will make you look extremely modern. The carefree, urban brand is all about this day and this moment, and its makeup products are carried by women who are elegant in a bohemian way.
Eco by Sonya is a 100% natural skincare range. The honey-glow tan that Eco by Sonya gives you won’t stain your clothes and has a beautiful tone without any orange nuances. The products only contain natural and organic ingredients such as camomile, honeysuckle and lavender flower extracts, avocado, geranium and macadamia seed oils, cocoa and aloe vera.
Estelle & Thild is one of the largest and most popular natural cosmetic brands in Sweden. With its excellent price-quality ratio, the collection includes great options and full product lines also for those with sensitive skin or fragrance sensitivity. Check the TOP 10 facial care products of the organic beauty brand here!
There is currently a wide range of high-quality facial oils available in organic cosmetics, which is why we were drawn to a special element in Oilixia. It is not every day that you run into Cacay oil. The incredibly nutritious Cacay nut is the source of oil that is one of the most hyped ingredients in modern beauty care.

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