Absolution’s familiar and stylish little black product, Le Soin Regard eye cream, is a favourite among Jolie customers. The successful Le Soin Regard has now been joined by a long-awaited sister product: Absolution has launched a new, thicker eye cream. Absolution La Crème Réparatrice is a new cream that fills a gap on the market.
The French makeup artist Christophe Danchaud and Absolution founder Isabelle Carron started working together on cosmetics with the KissKissBankBank crowdfunding project, where the Absolution Sweet & Safe Kiss lipsticks were one of their “creative projects”. Now the brand has started producing Isabelle and Christophe’s latest soul-filled products: a liquid eyeliner with a small, precise tip, a liquid concealer in four tones and a new organic mascara, which has caused some excitement.
With the help of fruit acids, you can carry out a refreshing and renewing spring clean on your skin. Fruit acids, also known as alpha hydroxy acids, are powerful ingredients in many skin clarifying peels and masks. Fruit acids are used in home care products in both weak and strong concentrations and they are generally good for almost all skin types.
Hyperpigmentation refers to dark or brown spots that tend to appear in specific areas and become darker when exposed to sunlight. Women often get them as a result of hormonal changes, and they are influenced by many external and internal factors. Hyperpigmentation is challenging to get completely rid of, which is why preventive care is important if you have the tendency to develop hyperpigmentation.
A powerful body scrub removes the dust of winter and flaky skin. Read our top product tips for springtime body detox.

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Easy tips for dry brushing your body and a springtime body detox
Dry brushing is good for your health and wellbeing in several ways. Read our easy body care tips and feel the joy of the approaching spring and the stretch in the days.Read More
Organic Makeup Foundation Guide – How to choose the right one?
We wear foundation on our face up to 5 000 hours per year so it is a good idea to choose a plastic-free foundation made from natural ingredients. The high-quality, natural raw materials of organic makeup foundation look after the condition and wellbeing of the skin. Choosing the right foundation for your skin type from a range of unfamiliar jars can be difficult.Read More
 The Blush Guide – How to choose the right shade?
Choosing a blush can be difficult, but when the shade is right, you are easily hooked. The right shade invigorates the skin and makeup and creates a new, bright look. Jolie Beauty’s range offers a wide variety of cream, pressed and powder blushes.Read More
Caring for hormonal acne and impure skin with natural cosmetics
Hormonal acne can be triggered by a change in hormonal contraception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning or some other hormonal change in the body. Hormonal acne is not a skin type in and of itself. Skin that suffers from hormonal acne is not necessarily oily, but it can be dry, notwithstanding its impurities.Read More
Kjaer Weis Novelties – Pressed Powder and Lip Gloss x 6
The Kjaer Weis line has not previously included powder in any form. The brand's semi-matte and fairly concealing foundation does not even need powder on everyone's skin.Read More
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