The topic of antioxidants in food has been discussed for a long time and at great length. Amidst the debate, it has been recommended that we eat plenty of colourful vegetables, and from time to time, riding on the coattails of antioxidants, red wine and dark chocolate also draw praise as health-promoting treats. What’s the real story, and how are antioxidants linked to skincare?
If the season of high humidity causes unwanted oiliness to your skin, you should try the lightweight Iroisie creams. They give great value for your money and are perfect moisturisers for the autumn breeze. Iroisie creams contain algae that treat sun damage and rehydrate skin, without feeling greasy. They improve the skin’s resilience and adaptability, as well as boosting its inbuilt protective barrier. They can be recommended for skin that reacts easily because their soothing properties will restore its balance. All Iroisie creams boast the same consistency, which is deeply moisturising and pleasantly light, without being at all greasy or oily.
We have a lot of customers who struggle with skin that is dry and tight on the surface but simultaneously gets many small zits around the face. Miliums and impurities underneath the skin cause issues for many. When we encounter a client who suffers from a surface dry skin, our first question is always: do you use a toner? In these cases, we are always proponents for moisture from water-based products like toner and serums.
Rahua, which arrives from New York, is a brilliant example of a new type of luxury. The power of Rahua is based on its carefully developed and tested small molecule structure, which makes it possible for the valuable natural oils to penetrate deep into the hair. This luxury oil repairs, strengthens and gives an unbelievable softness without making hair limp.
INARI Lifting Serum is a thin light brown fluid packaged in a pump bottle. This powerful serum smells just like an authentic Finnish forest and is absorbed by the skin in the blink of an eye. Its silky consistency tones the skin and helps slow and minimise the signs of ageing.

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INARI Sleeping Cream – Night mask of your dreams
We receive daily new feedback on INARI Arctic Beauty products. Now as the number of testers is increasing and widening, brand's night cream seems to make it to the top. The success can be explained by the fact that INARI Sleeping Cream is more than just a night cream. It seems to affect surprisingly many problems.Read More
Treating oily skin with natural cosmetics
Oily skin generally has a thick structure and enlarged pores. The skin secretes a lot of sebum, as the sebum glands are overactive for one reason or another, or they are in “overdrive”. Oily skin usually pushes up blackheads and other impurities. Sometimes oiliness appears in certain areas of the face, sometimes on the whole face, and sometimes on skin elsewhere on the body.Read More
Boost your skin with moisture! The product of August is INARI Water Cream
Modern water cream is a moisturizing cream containing only little or no oils. New water creams are constantly being launched onto the global cosmetic market, because packing water into skin is very in at the moment. Finnish INARI Water Cream contains European hyaluronic acid of excellent quality in three different molecular size and valuable Arctic Blend herb extract.Read More
“When nothing’s enough” – first impressions of the INARI Moisture Boost and Water Cream products
First impressions have been unanimous across the board. These products are packed full of effective ingredients, and a little bit goes a long way! They are extremely nourishing and Jolie’s beauty guru predicts that, for example, the Sleeping Cream will be a perfect winter solution for sensitive, dry skin. The day creams are also so powerful that they are best suited for dry and/or aging skin. If nothing seems to be enough for your skin, INARI can bring you relief.Read More
Jolie’s bronzer guide – Which shade to choose and other tips for use
A bronzer is a product that usually has a warm shade, so that the look it gives imitates a light suntan. It is used to give the skin a fresh, healthy glow. It works well as a refreshing element, and even as a handy makeup substitute on good skin. With a bronzer, you can also complement your makeup and highlight the desired features of your face. But do you know how to choose the right shade? Worry not, we are here to help.Read More
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