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Hormonal acne can be triggered by a change in hormonal contraception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning or some other hormonal change in the body. Hormonal acne is not a skin type in and of itself. Skin that suffers from hormonal acne is not necessarily oily, but it can be dry, notwithstanding its impurities.
The Kjaer Weis line has not previously included powder in any form. The brand's semi-matte and fairly concealing foundation does not even need powder on everyone's skin.
Pai Skincare has once again come up with a new product that we are really excited about! The London-based company's newest product is a serum that is just perfect and complements their other products beautifully. Its INCI list is also very cutting-edge – the product includes Australian super berries, coconut and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that is easily absorbed by the skin.
Jolie is pleased to announce that it is now stocking new makeup products from Estelle & Thild! These natural cosmetic makeups, which contain high-quality, natural minerals, are a welcome addition to our selection and to the range of premium natural cosmetics on offer in general.
The journey of Odacité began in 2004. Not finding what she looked for from the shelf, Valerie Grandury had to take matters into her own hands. In a desire to bridge unlimited purity with ultimate efficacy she started blending custom-made skincare for herself and some private clients located all around the world.

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A powerful 15-day ampoule treatment from Absolution for sensitive skin
Now we have the chance to get to know the latest release from Absolution: the La Cure Peau Calme treatment, which powerfully calms the skin for up to 15 days. The treatment helps sensitive or sensitised skin, softens it, and reduced redness, inflammation and reactions in just two weeks.Read More
Treating dry skin with natural cosmetics
Dry skin needs both fats and moisture. It is missing either one or both. In treating dry skin, it is important to give the skin the correct ratio of fatty acids and liquid moisture.Read More
Save your skin in winter - 6 trendy skincare steps
Protecting and hydrating your skin is important – and not the least in winter. Read our six tips on how to save your skin even in the harshest weather conditions.Read More
Treating sensitive skin with natural cosmetics
Sensitive skin is not a skin type but rather a skin condition, one that may be temporary or permanent. Often, dry, thin skin is also sensitive, but any skin type can become sensitive. Products aimed at sensitive skin are soothing, reinforcing and protective.Read More
The natural cosmetics pharmacy – GRÆÐIR products from Sóley
The roots of Sóley Organics go back several decades to when the famous Icelandic healer, Sóley’s great-great-grandmother, Grasa-Thorunn (“herb Thorunn”), healed people by treating them with her own remedies and salves made from natural herbs. The wild Icelandic herbs used in Sóley products ease all kinds of skin problems and are so purely natural you could even eat them. Sóley believes that nature is greatest healer and innovator.Read More
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