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Kypris is loved and embraced by the gurus of natural cosmetics. And for a very good reason, may we add. Not only is the brand delivering its every promise, Kypris takes you to a luxurious trip into ancient Greek and the products make find your inner goddess. Inspired from Aphrodite, the brand is putting mythical beauty and intrinsic feminity into their unique range that combines soul with science and nature.
The Beautiful Oil, from Kjaer Weis, is a sensation in the world of organic cosmetics. The secret of this beauty oil is Dioscorea Batatas, or Chinese yam, also known as a fountain of youth. This root vegetable is grown in a biodynamic way, and its extract works like magic to bring out the glow in your skin. In an extraordinary way, the root extract contains light, which you can gently dab on your skin to illuminate it with a healthy, youthful glow and exceptional freshness.
Those using organic cosmetics are often trying to solve a problem. Our customers often tell us that they have sensitive skin that reacts easily. They look into natural cosmetics to find help after products from the pharmacy, drugs or synthetic products have either failed to bring help or don’t feel good on their skin. Then we introduce them to Pai Skincare – and the eternal love story starts from the first touch.
Nowadays, the most luxurious things are authenticity, quality, and purity. No one wants to hear faceless advertisements or exaggerated promises – we are interested in stories told with love! Small companies evoke feelings because behind those companies there are people with a humane touch in business, passion, love, and a genuine desire to have a positive impact on the world. Organic cosmetics are responsible for a larger and larger market share, and we have listed ten reasons why switching over to natural cosmetics is good for you.
If you’ve dreamt about whitening your teeth, but the safety of non-natural options concerns you, Warpaint is the answer to your desires. It is a safe way to get whiter teeth – 100% natural, vegan and not tested on animals. If you are bummed over discolorations on your teeth caused by food, drinks, or smoking, Warpaint is the weapon you’ve been waiting for.

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Serums are the superfood of skincare
Before buying a serum you should always check what the product really has in it. In high-quality natural cosmetics, plant extract is right at the top of the INCI-list, and water has been replaced by flower or fruit water. There are no useless fillers or foreign materials. A high-quality serum is an extremely important and effective skin care product.Read More
Sophie la girafe Baby – adorable luxury for mothers and babies
Did you know that over 50 million babies around the world have chewed or are chewing right at this moment a happy looking giraffe? Sophie la girafe, a French classic, is a handmade teether that relieves the symptoms of teething and activates all of a baby’s senses from the age of three months. It is made out of natural rubber and painted with pigments sourced from food items. Thus it fulfils and exceeds the strict safety regulations concerning baby products in the countries where it is sold.Read More
Wild, Luxury, Powerful, Pure – Sóley Organics provides Iceland’s best organic cosmetics
Selective organic cosmetics brands from Scandinavian countries are stirring up interest in the Nordic countries – and not without reason. One exotic gem is the Icelandic Sóley Organics. Organic cosmetics based on Icelandic wild herbs, plants and natural remedies are astonishingly effective. You can sense the power and amount of raw ingredients used just from the authentic scents of the products. Wild and organic herbs have nourishing and even healing effects. Consistencies are flawless and very pleasant to use, a sign of high quality and knowledgeable production.Read More
A shade guide for choosing Alima Pure foundation powder
With our little guide, you can find the correct shade of Alima Pure’s super popular foundation powder. Alima only has one base product, which is suitable for all skin types. It has a very wide range of shades and it offers a finish with which even a demanding user will be pleased!Read More
An ode to the important toner
We have a lot of customers who struggle with skin that is dry and tight on the surface but simultaneously gets many small zits around the face. Miliums and impurities underneath the skin cause issues for many. When we encounter a client who suffers from a surface dry skin, our first question is always: do you use a toner? In these cases, we are always proponents for moisture from water-based products like toner and serums.Read More
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