Ecological hairdresser Tiina Toratti, who uses Cultivator's Organic Herbal Hair Colors at work, answers questions about herbal colors and their use. Thank you to Tiina for her advice as an experienced ecological hairdresser!
Cultivator’s Organic Herbal Hair Colors is a premium natural hair color range, which includes patented color blends from natural blondes to radiant reds, deep browns and intensive black. he products’ plant pigments provide excellent coverage and long-lasting color.
The long-awaited sun is finally here! Natural sunscreens are the hottest product group in natural cosmetics in the summer months. Despite its loveliness, summer also sparks the debate about the harmful effects of the sun and the growth of severe skin diseases.
There are individual differences in how our skin ages, but the process begins before 30 years of age – so it’s a good idea to start anti-aging care early on. The first signs of aging tend to be a lack of moisture in the skin and thin lines on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. The genuine, nutrient-rich raw materials found in natural cosmetics strengthen the skin’s own protection and balance its good microbes, which can help delay the aging of your skin.
In May, the natural cosmetic product of the month is Patyka’s new Dark Spot Correcting Serum! The product’s light, fast-absorbing texture prevents and effectively helps to fade away dark spots.

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