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May Lindstrom is the passionate author of highly individual beauty recipes. May approaches each chosen ingredient and the product she develops with love and real purpose. The latest product from May Lindstrom Skin is The Pendulum Potion cleansing oil, a top-quality oil mixture which nurtures the skin deep down.
Patyka’s three-step cleansing trio double cleansing with oil and foam + lotion is one of our best-selling products of all time. We’re talking about the cleansing trio praised as the world’s best natural cosmetics cleanser and the most effective makeup remover team. Its secret is its exceptional cleansing power, which doesn’t dry out the skin. When used over the long term, the 3-step treatment cares for and improves the structure of your skin.
Did you know that over 50 million babies around the world have chewed or are chewing right at this moment a happy looking giraffe? Sophie la girafe, a French classic, is a handmade teether that relieves the symptoms of teething and activates all of a baby’s senses from the age of three months. It is made out of natural rubber and painted with pigments sourced from food items. Thus it fulfils and exceeds the strict safety regulations concerning baby products in the countries where it is sold.

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