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Absolution of Paris exudes an uncompromising nature, originality and a strong mind that you notice as soon as you set eyes on them. You can mix Absolution’s creams and serums yourself to tailor the products to your personal taste. The way the products are packaged supports this “Mix & Match” philosophy ingeniously. No two skins are the same, and no two days are the same, either, which is why Absolution offers a collection of bespoke products, “Made to Measure”.
May Lindstrom is the passionate author of highly individual beauty recipes. May approaches each chosen ingredient and the product she develops with love and real purpose. The latest product from May Lindstrom Skin is The Pendulum Potion cleansing oil, a top-quality oil mixture which nurtures the skin deep down.
Patyka’s three-step cleansing trio double cleansing with oil and foam + lotion is one of our best-selling products of all time. We’re talking about the cleansing trio praised as the world’s best natural cosmetics cleanser and the most effective makeup remover team. Its secret is its exceptional cleansing power, which doesn’t dry out the skin. When used over the long term, the 3-step treatment cares for and improves the structure of your skin.

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