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We receive daily new feedback on INARI Arctic Beauty products. Now as the number of testers is increasing and widening, brand's night cream seems to make it to the top. The success can be explained by the fact that INARI Sleeping Cream is more than just a night cream. It seems to affect surprisingly many problems.
Oily skin generally has a thick structure and enlarged pores. The skin secretes a lot of sebum, as the sebum glands are overactive for one reason or another, or they are in “overdrive”. Oily skin usually pushes up blackheads and other impurities. Sometimes oiliness appears in certain areas of the face, sometimes on the whole face, and sometimes on skin elsewhere on the body.
Modern water cream is a moisturizing cream containing only little or no oils. New water creams are constantly being launched onto the global cosmetic market, because packing water into skin is very in at the moment. Finnish INARI Water Cream contains European hyaluronic acid of excellent quality in three different molecular size and valuable Arctic Blend herb extract.

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